All patients are welcome to join The Patient Participation Group. Please ask at the Reception Desk or apply in writing to The Practice Manager.

We have advertised the Patient Group by posters and invites in the waiting room. When comments and suggestions have been made by patients to the Practice Manager or staff, they have been invited to join the Patient Group. Patients representing the groups with lower numbers have been invited to join the PPG when seen in the practice. Any patient requesting to join the group has been accepted

Practice population profile

Please note that PP shows % of age group within the practice. PRG shows % of age group in the Patient Reporting Group. Diff shows the proportional difference between the two.


Age Group PP PRG
18 - 24 8% 0%
25 - 34 9.9% 0%
35 - 44 6.4% 10%
45 - 54 15.6% 20%
55 - 64 15.4% 40%
65 - 74 12% 10%
75 - 84 6% 20%
85 or over 2.5% 0%

The Practice has tried to engage with patients from a variety of age ranges through letter and personal invitation. However, we have yet to find patients willing to represent the under 34 age group and over 85.

Patient Participation Group Meeting

21st November 2013 - 1.00 – 2.00 pm

Discussion of practice survey 2013/2014 findings

Posters and questionnaires were placed in the waiting rooms over a two day period and patients were informed by the receptionists when they arrived that we undertaking a survey.

Key Findings of Survey

The personal service supplied by the Practice staff received the top scores, ie explanations, reassurance, respect shown, concern, ability to listen, greeting, confidentiality, etc. scoring 72% - 83%
Opening hours, telephone access, see GP with 48 hours, see GP of choice etc received a lesser score of 52% - 72%
Lowest scores were see GP within 48 hours (52%) and GP of choice (43%) both of these areas have been addressed.

Positive Findings

The personal service given by all staff members, GPs, Nurses and Receptionists was highly praised with the highest scores.

Least Positive

Access to GP of choice and access to GP appointments in general

Areas which deviate from national benchmark

Access to preferred GP appointments. It was explained by Dr Sandford that the Practice was going through a very difficult time in 2013 as we had 3 partners leave. This produced a very unsettling situation for the patients.

Patient’s & Practice Priorities

Main priorities identified by PPG

To be able to see the same GP when required and ensure continuity of care.

Main priorities identified by Dr Sandford

Dr Sandford agreed with the PRG on the necessity to have a more stable GP partnership.

Dr Sandford explained to the group the past and future changes within the partnership. Reasons for Partners leaving in the past year and the recruitment of 3 new partners, Dr Sebastian Nicholls joined in October13, Dr Andrea Gibson will be joining in January 14 and in July 14 Dr Anne Perdie. All partners will be working 5 or more sessions a week.

Action Plan

Action (1)

Ensure patients have choice of GPs and improveContinuity of care,

Proposed changes:

New Partners to agree to work more shifts than presently

Who needs to be involved?

All partners and Practice Manager

What is an achievable time frame?

January 2014

Action (2)

To create a more stable Partnership by recruiting new partners

Proposed changes:

Recruitment of 3 new partners

Who needs to be involved?

All remaining partners and practice manager

What is an achievable time frame?

January 2014 two new partners

June 2014 one new partner to complete partnership

Signed: Sheila Booth
Sheila Booth, Practice Manager The Brunston & Lydbrook Practice Brunston Surgery, Coleford, Glos GL16 8HJ
Local Commissioning Group: Gloucestershire CCG