Practice Report for Brunston & Lydbrook
Access Survey July 2017

This report is based on the information provided from the national Patient Survey 2017.

Overall Performance

Practice     CCG       National avg.        Question
92%            81%        71%                       Respondents find it easy to get through to this surgery by phone

76%            69%        64%                       Respondents usually wait 15 minutes or less after their appointment time to be seen

99%            93%        91%                       Respondents say the last nurse they saw or spoke to was good at listening to them

38%            63%        56%                       Respondents usually get to speak to their preferred GP

71%            78%        76%                       Respondents are satisfied with Surgery’s Opening Hours

81%            87%        81%                       Respondents say the last appointment they got was convenient

Conclusions, Actions and Further Developments from the Survey

Overall we were pleased with the standards in areas surveyed.  However the results showed a significant access problem in ability to speak to the preferred GP.  We have taken the following actions in response to this:

              • Advertise the usual days each doctor works more widely including displaying on the Envisage Screens in the waiting areas and having paper copies of the days at the reception desk for patients to pick up and take home. 

Improvements were made in getting through to reception by telephone, this evidences that patients are becoming familiar with contacting either Brunston or Lydbrook Surgery when booking an appointment via the telephone.   

Although the survey results highlighted that, patients have to wait to see the doctors or nurse for 15mins or less, the clinicians will be more proactive regarding keeping to time when appropriate.

We received almost 100% feedback for the nurses listening skills, which is great to see and something we are extremely proud of.
The survey highlights room for improvement of our opening times, we currently participate in choice + (GP additional access) and at the time of the survey, we had been for 6 months. Choice + reports suggest that we are high users of the service.  However, In October we will be part of a new improved access scheme run by the local GPs, and as a result, opening times at the surgery will be extended to 8pm.

We get a higher demand for a morning appointment, the doctors work longer sessions during the mornings and we free up more appointments throughout the week during the mornings.  We will promote the way the appointment system works and provide clarity on the best time to phone for an appointment on our website and on the Envisage Screens in the waiting areas.  We will also promote in the surgery that Patients can also access the surgery 24hrs a day through the internet, the online service is provided through our clinical system and allows our registered patients to access appointment booking.