Ordering Your Medication

Our Prescribing Policies

  • We have a 28 day prescribing policy, which means most medication is issued on a monthly basis.
  • To reduce medication waste please do not order more than you need. If you build up a surplus of a complete month of a medication and you don’t need it early, you do not need to order until the following month.
  • You may be eligible for repeat batch prescribing also called eRD /eRepeat Dispensing. This means your chosen pharmacy can access your electronic prescriptions for a set period, usually 6 months, so you will not need to order your medication each month, just collect from your pharmacy. This depends on certain criteria and adherence to reviews. If you qualify we will contact you with details but you can ask if you have stable medication needs.
  • Prescriptions for oral contraception are issued at the ‘Pill’ review which is usually once a year, but may be more frequent. If you take this type of medication please make sure you know when your next check is due and arrange this well before you need more medication.
  • Other medication is reviewed at least annually, in line with your other health appointments, so if we contact you to make an appointment for blood tests, blood pressure checks and or review, please make sure this is done to avoid delays in your medication being issued. These are important reviews to monitor the effectiveness of medication, assess any safety issues and ensure you understand what your medicines are for and how to take them.
  • NHS England’s Over The Counter medication directive. This means when your medication is reviewed, routine items that can be bought over the counter might no longer be issued on your prescription. Please contact your local pharmacy for more details. Please note our practice dispensaries are unable to sell ‘Over the Counter’ medication, even if you are a dispensing patient however many basic home remedies are available via various retail outlets, eg paracetamol, antihistamines.