Our Online Services

You can register for online services by completing our online form. 

Who can register for Patient Access?

Patient access is available to anyone over 16 registered at the practice. You will be able to book one appointment until you visit the surgery with your photo ID. We will then unrestrict your account to be able to book more than one appointment, order repeat prescriptions and view a summary of your medical record.

We trust you to take full responsibility for your own account and do not condone people managing accounts for their family members or friends, as all data is confidential. In circumstances where this is necessary for example you have a carer, you need to complete a consent form that is provided at the surgery reception.

If you are a parent that wishes to register your child you will be able to do so if they are under 13.

If you are between the ages of 13-16 you must follow the same process as an adult and provide ID to reception to unrestrict your account. However this does not have to be photographic ID, we can accept documents proving who you are for example a school letter. If you are happy for your parent to access your account on your behalf you need to complete a consent form that will be provided at the surgery reception. This set up will remain in place until you provide a written request stating that you wish for it to change.

Your Responsibility

The practice will take every measure to ensure that your EMIS Patient Access application is secure. It is for this reason that full registration for this service cannot be completed without you presenting at the surgery with your photo ID. It is your responsibility to ensure that your EMIS Patient Access account remains secure.

You are able to cancel your EMIS Patient Access Account at any time by contacting the surgery in writing. You may wish to do this if you think someone else knows your log in details, or if you have shared these details with a family member or partner and no longer wish them to know these details.

Prescription Requests

EMIS Patient Access gives you the facility to send repeat medication requests to the surgery. We require three working days to process requests. This service is for repeat medication only; please send us a written request for any other medication. If you require medication urgently again please do not use the online service as it may not be seen straight away. When requesting your repeat medications please only select the items that you require. Please note that if your medication use is too high, or if you request medication that is not due, your request may not be processed. You need to check the status of your request by logging on to EMIS Patient Access.

Cancelling Appointments

Please let us know if you are unable to attend an appointment that you have booked. You can also use this service to cancel your appointment. Letting us know that you don’t need your appointment allows us to offer the appointment to someone else.

Inappropriate Use of EMIS Patient Access

We monitor the use of this service and we are sure that you will find it useful. Please note however that if we find abuse of this service, we will revoke your access. You will have to discuss any services you require with our reception team.

If you require any assistance with signing up to our new service please visit the surgery reception for a step by step guide to registering, download our help sheet at the top of this screen or page on the right or view our frequently asked questions

Having trouble signing up to our online services?

The service is very simple to use once you have signed up however if you do have any trouble please do not hesitate to contact the practice to ask any questions you may have.

Viewing your medical record

You can now view a summary of your Medical Record online. By using Patient Access you can now view your medications, immunisations, and allergies.

More information about Patient Online Services

Patient Online is an NHS England programme to offer and promote online services to patients, including access to records, online appointment booking and online repeat prescriptions (as outlined in the 2014/15 General Medical Services (GMS) contract). GP practices will have completed the annual e-Declaration which has a number of questions specifically about progress with these services.

Practices can have access to resources to support implementation that has been developed in partnership with the British Medical Association, Royal College of General Practitioners and other Royal Colleges to develop materials for this purpose. The materials include implementation guides, check lists, registration forms, case studies, videos, reports, frequently asked questions and guides.

These are available at: http://elearning.rcgp.org.uk/patientonline

The Patient Online Programme has also developed an interactive support and resources guide to help general practices. The guide includes the materials developed by the RCGP, as well as materials for patients, frequently asked questions, regional and local support arrangements and much more. It offers clarification of pertinent issues such as proxy access and coercion.

The guide can be found at: http://www.england.nhs.uk/patient-online

For further information please contact: england.patient-online@nhs.net